Training and Supervision

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Training and Supervision

Injuries often occur simply because people do not have the knowledge and skills that we assume they have. A key benefit of training is that it can make people aware of what they don’t know.

Everyone needs some training when they start a new job, do a new task, or use an unfamiliar piece of equipment. Employers have a responsibility to ensure that workers get the training they need to work safely at their store.

Safety is not Being Managed Very Well Unless:

  • Store staff are being given the information, training, and supervision necessary to protect their health and safety, and
  • Supervisors have the support and training necessary to carry out their health and safety responsibilities

One of the key responsibilities of supervisors is to make sure that workers are safe – that workers know what the hazards are and that they follow all the instructions they’ve been given in order to do their jobs safely. It takes constant re-enforcement, positive recognition for jobs well done, and constructive correction until the job is consistently done safely and well.

That means training doesn’t just stop when the official training session is over. Good supervision keeps training current, and refresher training should be given whenever there are changes to the way things are done.

Please visit the more detailed module on providing good training and supervision to find out more!

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